IBMiTech Mission

IBMiTech is a non-profit association of companies and individuals involved in a professional capacity with midrange computer systems. The purpose of IBMiTech is to share and disseminate information relevant to such computer systems, including but not limited to IBM midrange hardware, related systems and software.

Membership is open to vendors and users. However, the use of IBMiTech activities or publications for the purpose of soliciting business, employees or employment is not allowed. Because IBMiTech is a member of COMMON, the national AS/400 user group, IBMiTech members also receive the benefits of COMMON membership.

Membership entitles you to attend regular meetings, vote in elections and receive the monthly newsletter. In addition, members receive reduced rates for classes and seminars offered by the association throughout the year, and are welcome to attend all IBMiTech social functions and special events.

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